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Either you win or you learn.


Love how accessible and hands-on the CEO.!/post/meeting-arianna-huffington!/post/top-4-things-you-should-know-about-tfsas-infographic

Late Night Brain Dump

  • Do not do anything that you know you will regret later on. For example: RED LOBSTER. You know exactly what you will regret, but the challenge is to do what you wouldn’t have done a day or week or a month ago. CHOOSE WHAT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPIEST AFTER THE TIME PASSES. Remember it’s just a moment,
  • Exercise. Exercise. It makes you happy.
  • Contact everyone you know.

For tomorrow’s day:

Write down why you wanted to attend:

– Economics student interested in current affairs

– Well, my main reason for coming…but I ended up learning a lot. Made me see angles I didn’t think of before.

– Blog post.

Talk to Dr.MacLean and professors. Email Altamash’s teacher tonight–toronto/business–conferences/?crt=regular&page=3&slat=43.6532&slng=-79.3832&sort=best check out best events, but prepare before hand.

— Start making your own website: set a date for it.

— Keep an engaging pic or line (the girl with the …)

May 20th 2015

I’m so happy that I woke up for Fajr today. In Sha Allah, this will become a habit and maybe even one day I can stay awake after and learn and pray.

Although, I made a goal to finish work by 3:30, I didn’t meet it. I still have to learn how to tackle my focus and organizational skills. In Sha Allah I will. But I did get to teach Altamash math, and in sha Allah he will continue evolving and make mom and dad proud.

I did get to work out for 30 mins today, and listened to NAK’s AHMAZING lecture on Adam (AS) and Shaitan. It’s a lecture that I wish everyone would one day understand. He touched upon a truth I learned: we don’t take responsibility for our mistakes and shortcomings. We blame God or we blame the devil, when we need to take responsibility — there lies the difference between our peace and anguish.  One point that I want to remember and implement forever is that Allah made us with incredible potential. We are the best of creation. We have free will, we’re weak and we fail, but despite that we can be beautifully, stunning things. Maybe I don’t know how deep our potential is, but I want to witness it. We’re miracles, we’re galaxies, beautiful stories of redemption, triumph and effort. I want to hold onto this. I want to keep this beautiful energy of light alive. I can conquer my weaknesses, my shortcomings, my ego, my pettiness. I want to make a world a better place. I want to spread, love and kindness. I want to be the tool of mercy and peace. I want to lead everyone around me to the Only Greatest love and purpose that is.

I want to be so many things and I know with Allah’s mercy and magnificence He will help and push me, like He always has. It’s all Him. Truly. I never want to forget that. In Sha Allah. I want to grow with humbleness, graceful strength, graciousness and giving.

Another thing I learned is that we have no patience when it comes to prayers, nor do we change our attitudes and really look at the positives that are before us.

Random things I was led to:

  • Groupons for Fitness
  • Deliciously Ella — have to make her oatmeal and blue berry recipe
  • Great Courses by

Couscous recipe.

What do I have to do tomorrow?

I really need to become more