Late Night Brain Dump

  • Do not do anything that you know you will regret later on. For example: RED LOBSTER. You know exactly what you will regret, but the challenge is to do what you wouldn’t have done a day or week or a month ago. CHOOSE WHAT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPIEST AFTER THE TIME PASSES. Remember it’s just a moment,
  • Exercise. Exercise. It makes you happy.
  • Contact everyone you know.

For tomorrow’s day:

Write down why you wanted to attend:

– Economics student interested in current affairs

– Well, my main reason for coming…but I ended up learning a lot. Made me see angles I didn’t think of before.

– Blog post.

Talk to Dr.MacLean and professors. Email Altamash’s teacher tonight–toronto/business–conferences/?crt=regular&page=3&slat=43.6532&slng=-79.3832&sort=best check out best events, but prepare before hand.

— Start making your own website: set a date for it.

— Keep an engaging pic or line (the girl with the …)


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