30-Day Perfecting Prayer Challenge

30 Day Perfecting Prayer Challenge

Mission Statement: Why am I doing this? Importance of prayer.

GOAL: Before Ramadan, I want to pray with complete focus and understanding.

Where do I lack and how can I overcome it? IN SHA ALLAH

  • I will always ask for forgiveness and gratitude from God.
  • I will always be clean and well-dressed for prayer
  • I will evaluate my tafsir by recording my recitations and understanding
  • I will test myself by writing down everything I’ve learned
  • I will pray with conviction and focus and patience
  • I will pray for everyone’s guidance and happiness


Day 1: Wadhu

  • Make intention, remind yourself about the fact that your sins wash off and do dihkr
  • Steps ( 3 times is the best, but one can be sufficient if you do it thoroughly – the point is to be clean):
  1. hands
  2. mouth
  3. nose (use your left hand to wipe out)
  4. face
  5. arms (hands are included)
  6. head
  7. ears
  8. neck

Day 2: Prayer


1) Make intention

2) Keep eyes focused on the spot where the head will be in Sajdah. Men keep their feet apart, women keep it together.

3) Takbeer-e-Tahreema. Men should place the right hand over the left hand, place the hands below the naval. Women should place the right hand palm over the back of the left hand, keeping the fingers and thumb together and resting the hands over the chest.

4) Recite Thanaa. Recite Ta’awwuz (azoou bilahi minash shaytan nirajeem) and Tasmiyah (Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim)

5) Recite Surah Faatihah

6) Recite Tasmiyah and a short surah

7) Ruku (bowing down). Focus towards toes. In ruku recite three times Sub-haana rab-biyal azeem (glory unto my Creator, the Majestic)

8) Recite: Sami al-laahu-liman hamidah (Allah has heard him who has called him) Rise up (Qaumah). Keep arms straight by the side. Recite Rab-banaa lakal hamd (O Lord, belongs to you all praise)

9) Sajdah. The whole face should be pressed to the ground and the elbows and arms shouldn’t be touching the floor. Feet should be raised, resting on the toes: Recite: Subhanna Rab-biyal aa’laa (Glory unto my creator the most high)

10) Say Takbeer and sit upright (Jalsa)


DAY 3: Reminders to help focus

So, I learned 3 new things, that I wish to In Sha Allah implement.

  1. When you stand facing the Qiblah remember the following:
  2. a) It might be the last Salaat in your life. There is no guarantee to live longer to catch the next Salaat.
    b) You are standing between the hands of Allah, the Lord of the worlds. How can you be busy with something else?
    )The angel of death is chasing you.
  3. Isti’azah MEANS “A’uzubillahi minas-syaitanir rajim”
  4. When you raise your hands and say “Allahu Akbar,” imagine yourself pushing the world behind you


Day 4: Woke up for Fajr


Day 5:

Created perfecting prayer challenge document and downloaded Adhan app.

I’m deciding to create separate posts for PPCs to keep track of everything.


  1. Wadhu
  2. Pray on time
  3. Take 10 mins to go over everything you did the other day
  4. Complete template


Perfecting Prayer Template:

Thoughts after each prayer. How did I begin them and how did I end them.






5) What do I do need to improve on for the next prayer?


Complete prayer steps.


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