Goals and Tasks implementation #needtoreadfororganizationbooks


Don’t go on social media.

Don’t distract myself with other things. Don’t read your writing too.

Time myself whenever I start a task.

KEEP REMINDING myself what my intention is. What am I doing? How am I doing it?



How do I introduce myself?

What do I say when I want to ask a question?



Be more patient and calm in everything I do.

Always look clean and well-kept,

Always smell nice.

Great breath at all times.

Read files at night.

Never clutter my tabs. What can I do with them?



Keep a fitness diary. Fitness app.

Make meal plans

Create fitness plan.

Write everyday mantra.

Set a time for yourself.

How many times will I work out? What will be my workout regime?

When I’m on the urge of eating something that I know I shouldn’t:

I need to stop. Take a few minutes and act accordingly. Remind myself that it’s just food, it will taste good but the feeling will go away in a few moments. Do I really want to eat it? Will it make me happy? Nope. Go away for 5 minutes. Ask yourself why and then make a choice.

The Prophet (PBUH) never ate for gluttony. Remember he didn’t eat all this sugar. He took care of himself.

Remind yourself of your goals. Of how strong you are. Of how nice you’ll look in a sundress. Of a slimmer face. Of your husband’s happiness. Of his smile when he sees you dressed and fit. Of how happy you will be when you achieve it.

Remember there’s always a better alternative.

Remind yourself of your previous failures. How you felt after you ate cake, sushi, ice-cream, etc. How did the guilt feel.

Touch your stomach. Listen to your gut instinct.

Learn how to say no to yourself. Don’t talk yourself out of it.

Challenge myself that I won’t eat something bad when I get the urge.

Resume and Cover Letter

  • Open up latest resume
  • Don’t add descriptions to irrelevant experience.
  • Add tenacious to describe myself. Add little arrows (how do I get these? http://www.primermagazine.com/2013/earn/12-more-free-resume-templates)
  • “Create a Profile section. This is where I define myself, work ethic, and experience in my own words. My overall strengths and impressive accomplishments. Keep it short, no more than a couple of sentences.”
  • “Focus on highlighting your quantifiable contributions to the companies. Don’t write “Monitored accounting and related systems for accuracy,” get specific. “Developed new workflows for analyzing accounting across departments that cut errors by 40%” is a specific contribution you made to your previous employer. It shows the kind of value you bring beyond the staple duties of the position”
  • You increased recruiting? Give us the percent increase. You raised money for charity? Tell us how much you raised! This can turn average-looking experiences into impressive head-turners and help distinguish you from other candidates.
  • Plain and simple, a duty describes what you did and an accomplishment describes how well you did it. For example, “planned events” would be considered a job duty, whereas “raised $100,000 by selling out tickets to a 200-person charity event” is an accomplishment. Why is this so important? You want to tell the person reading your resume something she doesn’t already know.



  • I like Primer’s fonts http://www.primermagazine.com/2012/earn/job-hunting-3-0-create-a-facebook-page-resume


  • Becoming a more organized person by creating smart work habits by implementing techniques: goal-setting, prioritization.
  • Start Perfecting Prayer process
  • Make fitness plan
  • Set writing and blog goals: what is the purpose of my blog? To become a better writer.
  • Complete LU Mentorship application
  • Make organizational folder (save files)
  • Create Coursera steps
  • Apply to admin position (Facebook)
  • Clean up files (usb and Onenote)
  • Start Finance breakdown
  • Email Dr.Lange

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