My greatest dream

  • To create a beautiful, inspiring and engaging website for everyone.
  • Goal is to give knowledge in such a way that people want to read it. By being funny, tranquil, transparent and thoughtful. This is targeted to young people who need kind support and are living in a world that is tough to come to terms with. Be approachable and personable and inspiring.
  • Interviewing great scholars. Asking them great questions: eg:  what firmed their faith? Their biggest challenges? How do they navigate their daily lives?
  • Start the launch with the best scholar you can find.
  • Use stunning photos. Great fonts.
  • What scares me the most? Failing at being good enough. The tests of lives. Here’s the thing, you have more control than you believe.
  • Let others write posts too.
  • What’s the title? Create a logo. Font pairing options.
  • Poetry section.
  • The $1 website for tips.
  • Keep firm my intention. Don’t get too greedy. Remember your purpose. Don’t get too prideful
  • Be so transparent. That you give all the information about your website. Web designers.
  • Intro: Everyone asks me this. Even when you don’t ask, you’re asking this. Talk about your culture. Now you will be saying hey, she’s only like this because she’s born that way! Show them a page of your hard days: your struggles. This was my writing. And you can also learn how to spell miscellaneous when you realize there’s a cell in it.
  • Topics: What happened when I let go of ego, jealousy, this and that. Snippets from my diary (prose), awesome women section, misconceptions.
  • Facebook page: A few months ago, I sat down and wrote down a page of my “Greatest Dream” because I would think that it impossible. And now the dream, the niyah.
  • My language journey. Check it out.
  • Research papers.
  • Quotes.
  • Approach people, like Fahad Meer for guest posts.
  • Outline an approaching message.
  • Be good to the people around.
  • Do it as fast possible. You can’t just sit on this dream.
  • You don’t have to be…to read this. Posts for other people.
  • Where to from here? Where do you start from. The essentials for everyone.
  • PDF packages.
  • How do I navigate this website?
  • Goodnight till the sunbeams find you.
  • And it kept calling me back. I was aware that I was choosing. You have to get to the bottom of why. Am I scared of it? Scared I’m not good enough.



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